Stainless Steel Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale, 5 Kg 11 Lb, Silver,(Batteries Included)



  • Employs a sturdy brushed SS platform designed with anti-fingerprint technology for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • High precision G-Sensors for superior accuracy & fastest response time
  • Tare function to facilitate determination of net weight
  • Displays weight in g/ml/oz/lb with weighing capacity up to 5Kg/11lb
  • Clear lit LCD illuminated by purple back-light and white font
  • Features: Auto off, low battery indicator, overload indicator


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ZHART ZK102 Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

The Workhorse of Indian Kitchen

Proudly introduced by ZHART, ZK102 is an uncompromising scale designed to be aesthetically pleasing and highly accurate. With hygiene being a major concern, ZHART incorporates a brushed stainless steel platform for the ease of cleaning and does not allow fingerprints or scratches on it. Whether an authentic Indian meal or an international cuisine, This is the perfect companion for your kitchenette and a matter of pride for your kitchen. This chic and slim scale being one of the most important diet tools is loaded with features to help achieve your nutrition goals.

Added Advantages:


  • Aesthetically pleasing to compliment your kitchen
  • Store the scale in your kitchen cabinet or drawer without taking up too much space
  • Convenient display of units in grams, millilitre, pounds & ounces as per your weighing preference
  • You don’t have to look for new batteries as the scale comes handy with 2 ready to use AAA batteries. You will know it’s time to change them when the scale indicates “LO” (Low battery) on LCD
  • Overload Indicator: When the weight exceeds the maximum permissible limit of 5000g(5kgs)

Enduring Strength in Steel

Petite design for easy storage and light weight portability. Employs a sturdy grade 201 S.S platform with anti-fingerprint technology for added durability and easy cleaning thereby giving it an upscale aesthetic feel.

Touch and Tare

This indispensable feature allows the user to reset the weight as ingredients are added one after another, without having to remove the previous contents. Conveniently use different containers to weigh ingredients, as the weight of the container/ingredient can be zeroed.


Auto Off and Easy Cleaning

The scale automatically switches off after 120 seconds of inactivity if you forget to turn them off or your hands are all clingy with food. Easy-to-clean surface with no room for fuss and clutter.

Multipurpose Scale – A Must have in Every Kitchen

A small change to your lifestyle choice can have great impact on your health and well-being. Indulging into the habit of using our smart food scale can reap you the following benefits helping you be a better cook and healthful eater.


  • An inexpensive scale can mean better and tastier recipes
  • Balanced food is wise medicine served with love
  • Controlled portioning, faster cooking, less mess for clean-up
  • Essential equipment for people on special diets demanding calorie intake
  • Helps you make sure your family doesn’t have nutritional deficiencies
  • Most useful and easiest tool for gourmet chefs, homemakers or unskilled cooks.




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