Zhart ZA-501 Aromatherapy Bamboo Essential Diffuser Fragrant Oil Vaporizer Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 7 Colors LED Lights


  • AROMATHERAPY DEVICE: This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is an amazing multifunction aromatherapy device unlike any other you’ve ever used. It features a easy to clean 200ml water tank, 7 different LED light colors, Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation as well as a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case it runs out of water.
  • GREATLY IMPROVES AIR QUALITY: Besides its uses in aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser also functions as a humidifier. Use it to improve your home’s air and atmosphere quality, cover the smell of pets or smoking, and protect you family from excessively dry air, microorganisms, allergens, dust, and more!
  • ADVANCED Ultrasonic Diffusing technology which produces vibrations at a frequency of 2. 4 millions times per second breaks water and essential oils into extremely fine micro-particles without using heat (heat alters and destroys the properties of essential oils). ULTRASONIC diffusing feature ensures the integrity of the essential oils’ beneficial molecular structure and allows for ease of healthy bodily absorption.
  • 7 Soothing LED Light: Soft light creates a calming and romantic atmosphere. The color can be cycled through or set it to one fixed color. Press the “LIGHT” button for 3 seconds, light turn off.
  • Perfect Gifts: The aromatherapy essential oil diffuser features Bamboo Wood Construction: a decorative piece. It is good choice to use this lovely diffuser as gifts to your friends and families, lovers.

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Zhart Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
After a hectic day, walking into a home that smells enchanting immediately de-stresses you. Let our ultrasonic diffuser gently vaporizes your favorite essential oils and preserves their most powerful effects. It is both a diffuers and a humidifer. helping you breathe easier year-round. Choose from intermittent or continuous cool mist modes and savor the pleasing scents to give your home a fresh, fragrant scent, gently humidify the air and eliminate dust.

Sensory-Boosting Lights
Choose from 7 different colors LED night light, set the perfect mood for you and your guests. create a powerful experience that soothes all your senses.

Whisper Quiet, Safe Waterless Auto Off
Our diffuser is whisper quiet to help you enjoy peaceful rest and relaxation. No heat is used, making it safe for kids and pets. The ‘auto off’ function allows you to leave your diffuser unattended. Just add a few drops of your favorite oil to the water tank, turn on the diffuser and relax.

Simple Operation
1. Position the aroma diffuser up, pull vertically upwards to remove the cover.
2. Connect AC adapter into the DC input jack at the base of the aroma diffuser.
3. Add water per 100ml with 2~3 drops essential oil (Oil Not Included). Do not excess the max water line.
4. Re-install the cover. Aroma diffuser must NOT be operated without the cover.
5. Connect the AC adapter with power from wall socket.
6. Turn on the aroma diffuser.

1.Use with natural essential oil. Do not use chemical essential oils which are corrosive.
2.Clean the diffuser regularly after 3 times use.
3.Do not exceed the Max line when filling water.
4.Do not use this device in high humidity environment.
5.Making sure adapter plug is completely dry before plugging in.


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